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Data Quality Management

Manage Data Quality Across the Enterprise

Data quality is critical to your company's ability to manage existing data and to incorporate new data management demands as your organization evolves over time. Data cleansing becomes critical to preserve the integrity of your data when deploying new systems or retiring legacy systems; data frequently must be migrated into a new application or system. Mergers or acquisitions also require rigorous data quality as a key component to integration of new data to ensure continued business continuity.

In this current business environment, companies need a scalable, high-performing technology infrastructure that is flexible enough to support data quality processes throughout the enterprise. Liaison's cloud-based Master Data Management (MDM) solution offers strategic benefits and tactical improvements, and can be deployed more quickly than a traditional MDM solution - providing secure, cost-effective management of business-critical data. Our MDM platform is SOA-enabled and server-based, giving you direct access to query, validate, submit, and update data.

Standardize, Cleanse, Enrich and Translate Data

Liaison's data cleansing capabilities provide flexible solutions that enable you to analyze, improve and control corporate data. Our data quality capabilities allow your organization to automatically examine and correct transactional data and enforce business rules throughout the enterprise in real time.

Comprehensive Data Cleansing and Parsing Capabilities

  • Use business rules and reference data dictionaries to parse and standardize free-form text data elements
  • Cleanse, standardize, validate, enhance, and enrich all types of master data

Robust Data Quality Profiling Capabilities

  • Use business rules and reference data to analyze and rank data according to completeness, conformity, consistency, duplication, integrity, and accuracy
  • Identify, categorize, and quantify low-quality data

Open, Content-Based Reference Data Dictionaries

  • Create, edit, and enhance reference data dictionaries at any time
  • Analyze and standardize content and implement data quality business rules using reference dictionaries
  • Take advantage of extensive reference content
  • Use data quality reports and scorecards to track improvements
  • Flexible Data Matching Capabilities

Flexible Data Matching Capabilities

  • Gain transparency and control over data quality using components that can be applied to any data field
  • Apply data matching to any combination of master data types
  • Identify relationships between data records to eliminate duplicates before consolidation

Liaison provides flexible data quality solutions that enable you to analyze, improve and control corporate data. Our cloud-based MDM solution gives users an intuitive, adaptable, business driven tool that can work in any data quality, data integration, or data governance business situation within your organization.

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