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GDSN Compliance

Enabling Cost Effective GDSN Compliance

Retailers have adopted the GS1 standard and are asking that their top suppliers share product data with them through the Global Data Sync Network (GDSN). Liaison is a certified solution provider for 1SYNC, the pre-eminent data pool for GS1, and our affordable data sync solution can help small, medium, and large suppliers take advantage of this global data pool, integrate and become preferred providers with large retailers.

With our cloud-based integration platform, Liaison automates the process of synchronizing your product data with the Global Data Synchronization Network. Liaison accepts your data in the format of your choice and transforms that data into the GDSN-compliant format before persisting to the GS1 registry. With Liaisonís GDSN capability, your customers always have your latest product information in their systems, and any changes made to your company's product catalog can be automatically and immediately provided to the companies who do business with you.

When a supplier and a customer know they are looking at the same accurate and up-to-date data, it is smoother, quicker and less expensive for them to do business together. GDSN capability can provide you with the edge and credibility to win business with large retailers. The GDSN provides a single repository for consistent product information, providing added value to your customers and allowing you to stand out from your competitors.


  • Reduce time for customer adoption of new products
  • No software to run and install, Liaison manages and updates the application for you
  • Streamline Customer Catalog Integration
  • Satisfy Retailer Integration and Data Formatting Requirements
  • Establish new business with GDSN retailers

With Liaison you can leverage our cloud-based master data solution for low cost, rapid deployment for compliance with your largest customers. There is no need to invest in expensive software and no need to spend valuable time managing the message choreography for GS1 compliance. With Liaison your compliance is assured and your investment is minimal.

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