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Master Data Management - PIM

Uniform, High-Quality Product Data

Liaison's master data management (MDM) for Product Information Management (PIM) solution offers an integrated SaaS-based platform that maintains product information across multiple business units, such as engineering, sales, marketing, procurement and e-business. It enables consolidation of all product data into a single SaaS-based repository, making it available enterprise-wide for various applications (ERP, catalog publication, e-business website, customer contract management, etc). Effectively managing and delivering large volumes of product information helps accelerate new product introductions, improve quote, order & invoice accuracy – making it easier for customers to do business with your company.

Liaison’s MDM-PIM solution aggregates, cleanses, standardizes, and rationalizes product information from multiple enterprise data stores (applications throughout geographies, operating units and different departments such as marketing, manufacturing, and customer service, and in many disparate places such as departmental databases, sales spreadsheets and commerce-enabled websites) into a central, continuously updated repository for internal and external use - significantly minimizing business problems caused by disparate product data.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Enables effective execution of corporate data governance strategy
  • Strengthen customer service by delivering complete and consistent product information and by reducing order filling & invoicing errors
  • Enables effective response to customer mandates for data synchronization
  • Improves business intelligence (BI) by providing reliable and consistent, dimensional data for your data warehouse (DW)
  • Reduce time to market for new products
  • Provides visibility into product adds & updates/modifications
  • Effectively manages complex item set up workflow processes
  • Features flexible and configurable data model to manage complex attribute structures and hierarchies
  • Enables more effective regulatory compliance
  • Built on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles to enable effective integration with existing systems
  • Utilizes B2B messaging technology to provide near real time dissemination of product information throughout the enterprise and supply chain
  • SaaS / Cloud / Hosted delivery model

The Liaison MDM-PIM solution manages all CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) workflows and features exception-based processing and a powerful, flexible rules engine that enables complete, clean and consistent product information.

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