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Master Data Management

Looking Beyond the Single View to Find the Right View

The increasing demand on IT to improve information consistency, accuracy and relevancy is forcing re-evaluation of integration and information architectures. New cloud-based delivery advances in Master Data Management (MDM) can provide a flexible and effective mechanism to securely manage and disseminate information across the enterprise.

Liaison is a thought leader in MDM & PIM strategy, architecture and realization. Our Cloud-based MDM solution enables organizations to strategically leverage and share critical data assets – providing complete, accurate and real-time views of data spread across multiple systems or databases, inside or outside the firewall. This enables our customers to unlock the value of their data assets for competitive advantages and operational improvements - while managing enterprise-wide, operational, regulatory compliance, and IT-related risk (GRC - governance, risk management and compliance).

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Liaison MDM cost benefits:

  • Lower interface costs
  • Reduces the cost of information delivery
  • Cuts data cleansing and data quality costs
  • Reduces license, support and hardware costs of redundant systems
  • Eliminates redundant & duplicate data source acquisitions
  • Cloud Computing services - reduces development one-offs and maintenance costs
  • Manages regulatory, governance, compliance and IT-related risks
  • Cost optimization assessments

Managing the Data Lifcycle

While companies are continually creating and maintaining master data, many lack data standards and models as well as governance mechanisms. The success of strategic initiatives depends on the creation and maintenance of complete and accurate master data standards and models.

Liaison’s holistic approach to MDM and data integration helps organizations bring enterprise-wide product and customer data in sync and up-to-date. Our understanding of how to use technology to bring the components of global business structures together enables a comprehensive solution that works across the enterprise. Our flexible Cloud-based services approach produces a flow of data that facilitates governance, performance evaluation and collaboration inside and outside your firewall.

Liaison believes that master data management is more than a tool… it is a philosophy that governs people, technology assets, policy & procedure, and services & infrastructure in order to ensure systems leverage and reuse common, and accurate business data.

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