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Global Supplier Portal

Rapid & Reliable Integration

Built on top of our SOA-based, B2B integration platform, Liaison's global supplier portal SupplierWeb™ provides organizations a rapid, reliable and cost effective solution to onboard and expand the integration coverage with their trading community.

As a part of our extensive B2B offering, SupplierWeb enables companies to automate their manual supply chain processes and electronically trade with each other in an efficient, consistent manner - regardless of size, time zone, language or geographic location. This global service enables users to receive, respond to, create and manage electronic documents, requiring only a regular web browser and internet connection.

SupplierWeb provides integrated supply chain activities, such as procurement automation, inventory management and document management. Additionally, the possibility to fully configure each component, extend functionality through custom components and even create separate, fully customized SaaS applications, enables SupplierWeb to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Procurement Automation features:

  • Forecasting
    • Strategic and order forecasts
    • Forecast acknowledgement/reply
  • Order lifecycle Management
    • Receiving orders and acknowledgements
    • Change orders and revision history
    • Exception handling
  • Packaging, Shipping and Receiving
    • Package structures, labels, barcodes, RFIDs etc.
    • Creation and sending of Advance shipping notices (ASN)
    • LSP integration and logistics documents Invoicing
    • Order, shipment or template based invoicing
    • Credit invoicing

Inventory Management features:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
    • Forecasts, Inventory levels
    • Replenishment planning
    • Self billing / Consumption based invoicing
  • Co-managed Inventory (CMI)
    • Forecasts, Inventory levels
    • Workflow based contract creation
    • Contract based replenishment with approval process
    • Self billing / Consumption based invoicing
  • Exception handling & Reports
    • Inventory level exception tracking / notifications
    • Inventory statistics/reports

Document Management features:

  • Manufacturing
    • Distribution of CAD/CAM drawings, material certificates etc.
    • Link documents to orders/order confirmations
  • Claims and contract management
    • Distribution of claims/contract documents
    • Custom workflows approval processes
    • Automatic validation/exception management
    • Monthly/weekly reports

Flexible Enterprise Collaboration

SupplierWeb enables your small and medium trading partners to start trading electronically in a standardized, easy and cost-effective manner regardless of location and time zone. Using its intuitive, multilingual interface, your trading partners can operate in their local language. SupplierWeb's real-time web form provides up-to-the-minute notifications, alerts and customer notices and keeps your trading partners 'plugged-in' to important changes. Itís also easily configurable so your trading partners can personalize the items on the screen however and whenever they need to.

Liaison's B2B integration platform, with its robust messaging capabilities, provides support for diverse and complex enterprise IT environments. It enforces and supports your SOA-based IT strategy and provides the basic building blocks for enterprise level usage: portal framework, single sign-on environment, dashboards, multi-level user management, custom branded user interface and more. As your companyís IT needs grow, our B2B integration platform will support your future supply-chain needs.

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