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KeyboardMcANA EDI, Inc. formally Mc Alister & Associates was established in 1995.

We are proud of being positioned in the electronic commerce market assisting businesses from the Ma & Pa's to the Fortune 500 companies throughout 16 states, Mexico, and Canada. McANA EDI, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of EDI products and support services to businesses who have electronic commerce needs.

McANA EDI, Inc. is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions. Solutions that meet the needs of the organization using the latest technologies available.

McANA EDI, Inc. joined Liaison (formally Softshare) Authorized Solution Integrators in 2009 and in 2011 joined the Liaison ASI group Aurora EDI Alliance.

Data mapping and barcode integration services are available. Direct database hits now available via data mapping API set, event launching, and messaging for Oracle, ODBC, and SAP R/3 database integration. Hardware solutions available for Windows2000, Windows NT,and Windows 9X.

Are you looking for a solution in EDI or application integration? Look no more! Leading solutions are available that provide robust Window's capabilities.

Mercator for the Desktop in conjunction with Trading Partner PC provides proven technologies right off the shelf.

Mercator for the Desktop takes control of data validation and transformation for EDI formats such as X12, EDIFACT,and HL7 standards as well as between applications databases.

Definitions are available for X12, HL7, and EDIFACT formats.

Mercator is a registered trademark of IBM. Trading Partner PC/32 are registered trademarks of Emanio, Inc., formerly TSI International Software LTD.