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Contivo Analyst

Enterprise Data Integration

Contivo Analyst™ is an enterprise class data transformation and reconciliation tool that empowers business analysts, data architects, and integration engineers with the ability to easily create and deploy solutions for their data integration needs. The time and complexity associated with most data integration projects can be drastically reduced through the use of Contivo Analyst.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce maintenance costs - helps migrate maps from one version of a standard to another, allowing reuse and lowing costs.
  • Shorter project cycles: build and test maps, and get them in production quickly
  • Write once, run many: flexibility in where you deploy the transform
  • Business Analysts can build specifications and often complete maps
  • Ability to handle complex mapping challenges

Contivo Analyst includes sophisticated code generation capabilities that automate the generation of industry standard Java or XSLT code from logical maps as well as specific code generators for IBM Datapower and Software AG webMethods. The generated transformation code can be deployed in most Java or XSLT enabled integration runtime environments, including Tibco BW, SAP PI, Oracle, IBM WebSphere and within virtually any J2EE or J2SE environment. A robust and well-documented Java API provides a variety of configurable runtime capabilities, including hot deployment, automated log file management, event callback & notification, hierarchical property management, and more.

Legacy and flat-file data is supported via the Legacy Integrator module within Contivo Analyst. This includes support for importing Cobol copybook, spreadsheet, and EDI metadata as an interface, which can then be used as a source or target within a map. This enables true "any to any" mapping and transformation, since any source or target interface can represent virtually any variant of XML or non-XML data, which is essential in today's modern enterprise.

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