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Web EDI at Its Easiest - and Most Sophisticated

There’s no easier way to enjoy EDI than with Athena, Liaison's low-cost web-based EDI solution. With no software to install and the gentlest of learning curves, you’ll be exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners in a matter of hours, in an environment that’s as familiar as e-mail.

But easy doesn’t mean unsophisticated. Athena has a robust set of features that rivals any desktop EDI application. These features include:

  • Attractive forms-based EDI document templates
  • Bar code generation
  • Reports that summarize EDI traffic
  • Automated acknowledgment (997 or CONTRL) generation
  • Ability to export raw EDI
  • E-mail alerts when new EDI documents arrive
  • Duplicate tracking
  • Multilingual interface (Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish)
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Built-in calendar that tracks (and alerts you to) the important dates in your EDI documents

With Athena, you have all the sophistication of a desktop application, without any of the complications. No installation procedure. No operating system conflicts. Just a maintenance-free, user-friendly, accessible-from-anywhere web EDI application with no limits on the number of trading partners or EDI documents you can manage from its interface.

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