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Enterprise Data Integration

Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution™ is an innovative, patented and customer proven design-time semantic integration technology, that helps reduce the risk, time, cost and effort of integration projects through the use of a centralized, semantic metadata repository. The solution provides a portable abstraction layer of technology and services that provides investment protection and facilitates our customers' migration to new or existing systems, such as SAP Process Integration (PI).

Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution™ enables users to capture, manage, organize and leverage all of the integration metadata in an enterprise and, by associating that metadata with a semantic "dictionary", establish an integration vocabulary and thesaurus. The vocabulary and thesaurus are then leveraged by Contivo Analyst™ to automate data transformation and reconciliation tasks that are traditionally implemented using manual mapping techniques.

Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution™ is a robust data transformation design and code generation environment that includes the following features and benefits:

  • Portability across all platforms and versions
  • A semantic dictionary and metadata repository for storing interfaces, maps, data dictionary, and transformation rules, which together enhances map design, map upgrade, code generation, and reporting capabilities
  • Automatic generation of industry standard Java or XSLT code for delivery of transforms in virtually any open run-time environment
  • A powerful graphical map design environment that drastically speeds the design of integration maps through automation and sophisticated mapping constructs
  • Semantic design capabilities to facilitate ‘auto-mapping’ where appropriate
  • GUI-based unit testing so that map design can be tested prior to run-time testing
  • Extended capabilities for SAP PI
  • Automatic generation of map specification documentation
  • Semantic Integration

Through the use of the semantic dictionary, vocabulary, and thesaurus, users also gain an enormous level of reuse across all integration projects in the enterprise. Additional benefits include: Gap Analysis - the ability to identify and resolve gaps prior to development and testing; an Enterprise Vocabulary Management (EVM) tool to view and manage the semantic metadata and vocabularies; and Impact Analysis, to answer the "where is it used" question.

The solution is designed for Architects, Business Analysts and Developers, and allows everyone to share and leverage the work and knowledge stored in the repository, helping to avoid all of the re-inventing and re-work that is common in today's typical integration environments.

Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution automates most of the work involved in data map design, allowing the user to then customize the maps by adding transformation rules, test the integration maps via the Contivo Analyst unit test feature, and then deploy the transformation code to the most popular integration runtime environments - these include, but are not limited to; Software AG webMethods, Tibco BW, SAP PI, Oracle Fusion, as well as hardware appliances such as Layer 7, Cisco AON/AXP and IBM Datapower or any open, runtime environment.

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