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Translation at Its Most Flexible

The open architecture of Delta lets you create just about any integration solution imaginable. Whether you want to integrate EDI purchase orders with an internal accounting database, convert accounts receivable files into XML invoices, load your inventory into an online Web catalog, or handle Web service requests, Delta has all the tools you need to integrate your business operations.

Any-to-Any Mapping

If your organization is like most, its daily operations involve a multitude of systems and technologies. Delta's job is to integrate these diverse systems, making each one aware of the others for the goal of automating not only interactions between you and your e-commerce trading partners, but between your internal systems as well.

As an any-to-any data translator, Delta meets the challenge head on, supporting translation between any two of its five supported data formats:

  • Data files (delimited & fixed width)
  • Database tables (via OLE DB access)
  • XML
  • Free-form text (e.g. HTML)

When modeling and mapping, Delta leverages the unique strengths of each data format with features and built-in intelligence designed specifically for that format.

Easy to Use

You don't have to be a programmer to get the most out of Delta. Delta's drag-and-drop mapping interface is easy to use, yet powerful enough to accomplish any purpose. When writing complex rules, Delta's Expression Builder guides you through the process, taking the mystery out of more advanced mapping concepts such as database look-ups and rule conditions.

Other areas of Delta such as its comprehensive modeling, trading partner management, and debugging interfaces are equally intuitive—and powerful. In addition to providing a host of Delta demonstration videos, we also offer free evaluation copies for a 30-day Delta trial period to anyone interested in seeing for themselves how easy Delta is to use.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

While Delta can be used as a stand-alone application, it is most typically deployed with Electronic Commerce Server (ECS), Liaison’s communications server. In this environment as middleware, Delta and ECS become a complete EAI solution for your enterprise, supporting e-commerce and application-to-application integration. When you pair ECS with Delta, you have a whole new set of tools that allow you to schedule Delta processing, either at designated intervals or upon event occurrence.

Another great tool that is a valuable asset in a Delta/ECS environment is Solution Manager. Solution Manager is an integrated source control component available with Delta Enterprise. It manages your mapping solutions and their associated resources in a central repository, and is designed to help you manage map development and deployment in environments with multiple developers and/or multiple platforms such as a development platform, a testing platform, and a production platform. Using Solution Manager, you can easily maintain multiple versions of a solution and roll back or roll forward across those versions.

ERP Application Bridges

Delta's ability to map data to and from XML, data file, and database formats makes it an excellent tool for ERP integration. Our clients use Delta every day to integrate with a wide variety of ERP systems including:

  • CargoWise
  • Epicor
  • Infor
  • JD Edwards
  • Lawson
  • MAS 90/200/500
  • MS Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • QAD
  • SAP

But some ERP systems are harder to work with than others. For these, Liaison offers ERP application bridges, which are Delta add-on components that smooth the way for integration between your ERP system's back end and the EDI documents that you exchange with your trading partners.

  • Integration Bridge for SAP
  • Integration Bridge for Oracle
  • Translation Bridge for Epicor Vantage

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