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Invoice Lifecycle Management

Liaison's e-Invoicing solution enables the optimization of operational efficiency and costs through automating procurement and sales side manual invoicing processes. The sending and receival of electronic invoices helps businesses to eliminate and mitigate risks involved in the traditional handling of invoices by decreasing invoice lifecycle management and exception management times as well as increasing the integrity and quality of invoice data.

Benefits of e-Invoicing:

  • Reduced risk
  • Lower invoice processing cost
  • Faster invoice handling and exception resolution times
  • Reduce paper waste through automation

Liaison's e-Invoicing features:

  • Both Sales side (supplier) and Buy side (procurement) automation
  • Automatic roaming and e-invoice routing
  • Visualization of e-Invoice data
  • Signing, verification and certificate management
  • Digital signature
  • Compliance to authority requirements (e.g. tax regulations)
  • Custom business process support
  • Reporting & exception management
  • Invoice matching to Order (PO/POC) and Shipping (ASN) data

Liaison's invoice automation solutions have the support and capability to integrate with any ERP or middleware system - providing the flexibility to service disparate and complex enterprise environments.

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