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Liaison Enterprise Content Director is a cloud computing, SAP NetWeaver Certified, master data platform that readily evolves as your organizationís master data requirements increase in scope and complexity. Its flexible architecture allows your company to focus on a single business unit and then expand over time, or enables an enterprise master data management (MDM) strategy with distributed and centralized data governance and support for varied regional and local needs.

Liaisonís unique Cloud-based delivered master data management technology can be used to execute complex workflows to correlate and normalize product, customer and supplier information. It enables the creation of real-time, unified views of any master data, such as customers, organizations and products, that are fragmented across different systems (for example; a specific product and the associated packaging, pricing and geographic distribution area).

Comprehensive, Trusted Views of Critical Data

Enterprise Content Director delivers trusted versions of critical data assets to users, processes and systems to drive strategic and tactical decision making. It provides comprehensive views of data domains to both end users and automated business processes that rely on these views to function efficiently.

Value Benefits:

  • Gives the organization an operational environment to store, maintain and update critical information around customer, product and party data.
  • Provides a single version of "truth" to all customer-facing channels and front and back office systems through multiple interfaces, allowing it to be a business process hub for customer- or product-centric transactions.
  • Designed to be implemented within a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and delivered in a SaaS / Cloud-based environment.
  • Pre-defined business data workflows, specific to a data domain, deliver statistical algorithms, pre-defined metadata and different web interfaces
  • The platform delivers high volume matching and linking through high performance data processing and scalable database structures
  • Flexible enterprise data integration, from the consumption of data from source systems to the dissemination of rationalized data to the enterprise
  • Provides end-user application views enabling data stewardship, enterprise search, platform configuration and performance monitoring
  • SAP NetWeaver Certified

Our master data management platform offers the freedom and flexibility of a Cloud-based deployment, industry-standard integration options, and a SOA-based architecture which enables you to leverage the data models you currently have in place and is optimized for your changing business environment.

Learn more about how Liaisonís solutions for master data management can help you and your enterprise create trusted views of master data to support your most critical business processes with the fastest time to value in the industry.

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