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Electronic Commerce Server

The Great Communicator

Connect every corner of your enterprise with Electronic Commerce Server (ECS), Liaison's communications server. Fluent in a wide variety of data transfer protocols and standards, ECS moves data across your enterprise and trading partner community, seamlessly connecting your customers, suppliers, and back-end systems into one cohesive operation.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

While ECS can be used on its own, it is most typically run in conjunction with Delta, Liaison 's data translator. In this environment, ECS uses its comprehensive event rule system to deliver data to Delta for translation and, ultimately, integration with your back-end systems. When paired together, ECS and Delta provide complete enterprise application integration (EAI), allowing you to integrate between applications, implement Web services, and easily manage the communications and mapping components of every solution you put in place.

Uninterrupted Data Flow

Whether the data is derived from EDI, XML, legacy applications, or enterprise-wide distributed database systems, the comprehensive functionality of ECS provides a powerful integration tool for all types of EAI projects. Fully extensible and adaptable to any standard, ECS can move transactional data across your enterprise with minimal effort.

At the heart of ECS is its ability to route and process data while carefully tracking both communications successes and failures. This core functionality happens at the server level, where ECS runs quietly in the background without user intervention. ECS can be installed on multiple servers and its enterprise edition supports scale-out processing and integrated failover configurations.

At the client level, you have access to ECS' various utilities. These utilities are available locally from your desktop or from WebECS, a Web component that lets you manage ECS from a browser. Regardless of how you access these utilities, you'll use them to configure how data moves through ECS, to view and track the data that passes through, and to summarize the data.

Data Transfer and Security Protocols

ECS supports today's prevalent communications protocols including S/MIME, AS1, AS2, AS3 and SOAP/SwA, moving any type of data into, out of, and across your enterprise. You can use ECS to connect directly with your trading partners or you can use our network in conjunction with ECS.

Lite, Standard, or Enterprise

Liaison offers three versions of ECS: ECS Lite, ECS Standard, and ECS Enterprise. Learn more about the features offered in each edition.

Ease of Use

ECS is easy to deploy and fits readily within your existing IT environment. Furthermore, ECS has the flexibility to grow with you, protecting your investment in legacy systems and applications. With ECS' sophisticated data tracking and exception handling capabilities, you will always know what is happening with your critical business processes.

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