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McANA EDI ServicesMcANA EDI is committed to providing services that meet your organization's needs. Our services can be provided either on-site or off-site.

Services include application integration, EDI set-up, application support, and training.

Application integration can be performed using database links, flat files, messaging and event launching.

EDI set-ups or replacements for a variety of environments are available. Whether the Internet and/or a Value Added Network is required, there is a product to fit your needs.

No matter where we are from one client to the next, 24 by 7 support is provided via laptop and cellular connection technology. Flexiblity of client and solution provide for our ability to be there for you.

Should training be necessary our educated staff can assist in the learning curve required to develop personnel capable of supporting EDI requirements.

Act now in contacting us to learn more about how our team of experts can lead you safely through an environment quite complex. With the sophistication of tool sets and EDI terminology, having somebody at your finger tips to respond to your corporate needs is key to today's business needs within Electronic Commerce.