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Liaison WebForms

Web-based EDI Collaboration

In today’s competitive environment, companies of all sizes are being asked to participate in EDI and other IT initiatives by their customers and larger trading partners. For businesses with small IT departments - or no IT departments - meeting these customer demands is not only confusing but also expensive and time consuming. So how do you maintain customer satisfaction without incurring enormous costs?

A Flexible Electronic Trading Community

Good customer relationships mean everything to you as a supplier. Rapid order fulfillment, accurate shipping information and timely invoicing mean happy customers and rapid payments. As a diligent supplier you work very hard to keep pace with the tasks associated with commerce. But sometimes keeping pace with order management and invoice presentment falls off when other priorities emerge. Many suppliers could use some help with prioritizing and executing all the tasks required with order fulfillment and invoicing. This is why Liaison created its new flagship commerce management solution Liaison WebForms™.

Liaison WebForms was designed to help suppliers avoid gaps in order processing and invoicing. As a Web-based solution, it does this through a unique home page display that alerts users to the critical outstanding tasks that remain to be completed for each purchase order received. Liaison WebForms users view only those documents that need attention. This at-a-glance approach is called "management by exception."

Liaison WebForms expands beyond traditional EDI technology and services to provide trading partners with a better way to manage order processing, fulfillment, invoicing management and business relationships. Its features provide a range of benefits to managing several critical supply chain operations and its rapid enablement means that your small and medium-size business partners will be able to exchange documents electronically in minutes regardless of where they are in the world.

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